Q. How much is the one and only out of pocket donation?

A. The initial donation is 0.016 BTC (0.015 BTC rounded up to cover all Stages)

Q. Is it Legal?

A. Absolutely Yes.  Everyone donates and receive donations freely or they do not participate

Q. How and when do we receive our donations?

A. Immediately via your Bitcoin Wallet account (all donations are made via Bitcoin)

Q. Is this a company for profit?

A. No.  We are a platform for the exchange for Bitcoin donations to an from (peer to peer donations)

Q. How many Stages are there and why split donations at all?

A. Our platform is unique in that every donation is split between 6 Stages.

We do this because in the real world some causes would not raise a dime.  This way, everyone has a better opportunity to receive donations toward their cause.

This process also increases what you can receive, and multiplies what you can receive exponentially, to unlimited donations, for those who choose to share more (the more you can receive).

Q. How are the Stages broken down?

A. Stage 1 holds 4 donations, Stage 2 holds 16, Stage 3 holds 64, Stage 4 holds 256, Stage 5 holds 1024 and Stage 6 holds 4096 donations,  We use a forced Stages structure.

Stage 1 donation is $10 each.  All other Stages are $3 per donation (approx as we use Bitcoin and it is constently going up so, make your donations as soon as possible to maxumize your lowest entry point).

Our Unique Crowd Funding Platform also pays the sponsor a 100% Matching donation on Stages 2 - 6 (meaning, when you share, you get 100% Matching Bonuses on everyone you introduce Stages 2 - 6 - Basically, $16,000+ maxed, for each and every person you introduce).

Q. Is my information safe?

A. Of course.  We use the very latest security measures to insure it is.

Q. Refunds?

A. Of course NOT.  We use Bitcoin and have no involvement with the transactions (they are peer to peer).  Everyone donates and receives donations, FREELY.